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Posted on: September 28, 2010

What is blogosphere?

According to Bhawani,blogosphere is to describe the number of blogs in the internet.(2008)


What is the size of blogosphere?

According to Sunday Times in February 2009,the blogosphere number is 200 million.(,2008)

The trends in Europe and Asia.

Europe is less popular with blogosphere phenomena but the latest movement shows that European citizens now blogging about public affairs and corpare communication especially from the politic leaders.(,2008)In Asia,blogging is consider to build up and maintain social reputation,also as express their personality.Blogs writen by the family and friend is most acceptable in Asia.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)India has a huge awareness about business blog.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)

Malaysia’s blogosphere.

There are various type of blogs including fashion,music,sports,techonolgy,travel and other but political blogs in Malaysia is most accepted compare to other countries in Asia.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)Malaysia blogosphere have change by time,the population not only focus in Facebook but aware about the current issues surrounding and act as active audiences.Even,not most of Malaysian have this positive attitude but we taking baby steps.

Media as the fourth estate.

The control set by politic party in mainstream media could lead to hidden agenda.Media as powerful and reliable sources should be independent.Media is acting as the watch dog for various thing including the governtment strategies.Media represent the citizen as their compiling the citizen opinion.The new media especially blogging is influential to Malaysia citizen as Marina Mahathir  and Tengku Petra blog,that break the conservative mind-set of people.

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