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The moment a man sets his thoughts down on paper, however secretly, he is in a sense writing for publication.
– Raymond chandler.

Issues in publication and design help me a lot in understand the media that I consumed everyday. This is what i learn from this subject. If i could be a writer,i would join journalism. I’m so attracted to know influences people as Yasmin Ahmad that great as subject. Beside knowing influences peoples and writes about their contributions to society, every problem in the weblogs will have interesting additional informational as the one i found in Sexism: female,males,western,arabic. In exploration of the topic, there is a huge amount of information can be gain.Thanks t globalization era that help we to explore information from various country and the opportunity to know the knowledge even without being in that country.  Publication and designing document its seem easy  by the magazine I saw but honestly it wasn’t easy. There is so much complicated issues behind every situation. Lastly,thanks to Miss Jenny who help me a lot through the process of making this blog. You’re awesome  lecture.


The view of electronic book by ipad.



E-book is popular item now and by iPad launched, e-books become more efficient. E-book refer as electronic book . Ebook is under electronic publishing which define as the presentation of electronic documentation on digital displays.(Romano,2002) E-book production have similar process with normal printed book but its only added converting the files into format that readable in any type of technologies as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format.(PDF).(Romano,2002) One of the reason Ebook is crucial because of the demand space in America’s. The static show about 122,000 libraries in America.(Romano,2002) The first attempt of electronic book is when Apple Computer launched the Jurassic Park book as electronic in 1991 using PDF.(Romano,2002)

E-book vs Printed Book.
The most influence benefit gain from e-book is more cheaper (Hijazi and Cash,2003) and environmental safe. Because of globalization,any document digitalized in the Internet could be readable in anywhere . Digitalized of documentation saved the environment by involving less used of paper from tree.(Haris,1999 cited by Hijazi and Cash ,2003)

Problems with Ebook.
The most common issues with e-book is the screen.(Romano,2003) The Internet come from computer ,laptop ,phone or any type of technology is very static and could be small. But to fix the problem, Rocket Book a producer of E-book in America try to give variation to the customer by examine what customers expectation in a real book to adapt in electronic book.(Romano,2003) Some of the function includes to highlight the text,bookmark pages ,browse index or write notes in the margins.(Romano,2003) Also , the used of Dynamic HTML(DHTML) that gives variation to designer in creating their websites to publish electronic publishing(Hijazi and Cash,2003) could help make the pages more interesting to be browse. Combination of HTML and DHTML gives the designer more options as user allowed the view the websites as desktop and multimedia application.() Million of people now can create they own websites(Hijazi and Cash,2003) and HTML a code build up the websites could be create as simple in a note pad in normal Windows.(Hijazi and Cah,2003)

Cultural change.
E-book is become popular recently but printed book been used back in the early civilization.There is problem how the user to adapt with cultural change from normal book that they could hold to electronic devices. Cultural change is more difficult to handle rather than technological change but both user have to be persuade to change their cultural habits.(Young,2008) The attempt to make electronic book as similar to a normal book by the portability, readability and the convenience.(Young,2008) The attempt to designed the electronic book as appealing as normal book is doing because to minimise the need for cultural change. (Young,2008)

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Various type of social networking. Which one to trust?


Online media in general
The similarity which this blogging is the user control the content. But how much the flexibility of the content could be control. As well we know,there is so many fakers in social network and this is related to the credibility of the content itself.The credibility of the content could be analyze in various way.

Credibility in general
Credibility is being study by the presented of the message.(Metzger et al,2003 cited by Kang,2010)Beside understanding the message, consumer behavior show that,the user will find the media is more credible when the user only use it as primary source.( Flanagin and Metzger , 2002 ; Johnson and Kaye ,1998 ; Kiousis ,2001 cited by Kang,2010) Credibility also study in trustworthiness and expertise.(Kang,2010) Credibility also measured by the level of interactivity between the user and the organization. ( Lenhart and Fox,2006 cited by Kang,2010) When the text quality is higher,the source of text become credible.

Online media vs Traditional media.
Pew Research Center Survey show in America,1/3 internet user used online media as source only minority use traditional media and 8 out of 10 America in age of 17 and older agree internet is important to find knowledge.(Forbes,2010)This enough to show how public rely on social media as Facebook,Twitter and especially blogs. Blog rated as more credible than traditional media. (Banning and Sweetser ,2007 cited by Kang,2010)The reason why blog is more prefer because the character of blog as more independent and give more point of view compared to traditional media. ( Scoble and Israel ,2006 cited by Kang 2010)Traditional media have less transparency and thats make blog more favorable(Kang,2010) also the audience see the credibility of blog by the transparency, passion and the originality of the text.( Kang,2010)When we talk about blogs,passion of the author to write about the issues is crucial for the audiences.There is also behavior of the audiences to choose various kind of information and blog offer more variety than Facebook and Twitter.(Kang,2010)The audiences schema information about certain issues will influence their preferred blogs also the effort of the author to shape the text been consider as the credibility(Kang,2010)The subject study also very important .(Johnson and Kaye ,2009)There is also argument about traditional media author that could lie in their profile. (Kang,2010) But also argument about blog as no fact check about the information given.(Kang,2010)

Facebook vs blog
Twitter function is similar to Facebook,as it series of updated status.But Facebook its more towards friends and family as to people who know in the real life.(Kang,2010) Twitter applying the same concepts but Twitter is so significant until the role is changed toward following celebrities,politician and popular person. Facebook application allowed the user to control and participant with the subject discuss more than the blog.(Kang,2010) Even there is space for commenting and interacting between the reader and the author in the blog but Facebook is more engaging.(Kang,2010)

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Twitter reported several crashed for different events.



Web 2.0 is transform the online media escape.(Forbes,2010) Online social networking focus to build up and portrayed social relationship among peoples who share interest and activities. (Ishak ,2009) Between both of this which one is better? Macro or micro blogging tools? Both are complement to each other. Without blogging,there is no Twitter and without Twitter,blogging still crucial. Twitter is more to updated status with 160 characterized but with blogging,the limit are none.Let’s use the information value by Kress and Leuwen to better understand. Information value suppose to be in one document in modern era,anything is possible.Twitter could act as ideal,act as abstract to share little information about the article. To know more about information,article should be read and this is the role of Blogging.This is call real when the content is fully discovered.Politics now is a form of publicity and as much celebrities get attention as that politicians need attentions. 2008 is a great year when social networking act as one of campaign tools.(Gong) As we know, the government loss the majority in the Parliament to opposition party.(Gong) The close answer why the government loss because opposition start using social networking and government denied the ability of blogging.(Gong) One of the positive impact of social networking on Facebook or Twitter is the raises of opinion leader.(Gong) Social networking is consider a market place now when everyone like to take opportunity to participant in a free publicity. Opinion leader describe someone have a serious interest in anything by searching the information in any form of media and then distribute to other.(Gong)Opinion leaders could be anyone in the raising of knowledge without borders,it could even among friends. Social networking is directed to community online with social relationship and common interest. (Ishak,2009)Another great thing about alternative media is no one could control especially in Malaysia.China, Myanmar,Singapore is a media controlled state in every form of media unlike Malaysia.(Gong) The state controlled the mainstream media by enforcing law to revoke the permits if the content its oppose the permit agreement.(Gong) So,opinion leaders you can talk anything as long its not controversy and offenses. Malaysia consume digital media a lot (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey cited by Ishak,2009) and this is benefit to pilitician should obtain in order to tackle their present and new supporters.Also a good way to introduces themselves back as politician to win back the old supporter.There is also an urge for sociologist to develop their knowledge in this new technology.(Gong) There is argument that politician is not using Twitter in fully because politician only updated the status but not communicated with people who reply it.(Mccroskey,2009) But because the people will have the discussion and presented the message,(Mccroskey,2009)this is another reason the arise of opinion leaders.


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Burger King advertisment show sexism.


Gender Stereotype and Sexism.

Advertising suppose to sell the brand as its role that can influence us ;the world views ,knowledge , motivations ,experienced ,expectations and sense of identity. (Wolin,2003) Sense of identity is the main impact to the consumer in choosing the brand.Choosing brand could be hard for anyone and the advertising should be interesting enough for consumer to pay attention. Advertiser use characterization also what we call stereotype to spread the message through advertising as faster and cheaper as they can.(Harker ,Harker ,2002)This is includes to use sexism portrayal for women also man.  As the sibling of  Harker argue, research find that gender streotype happen to men and children.Gender stereotype relates to sexism by the female portrayed in advertising as unintelligent,modest (Browne, 1998 cited by Harker ,Harker ,2002) or overused the sensuality as women. Males portrayed as  strong and power ( Browne, 1998 cited by Harker ,Harker ,2002 ) even its a nudity advertisement. This is typical character of males and females in advertising in the present. Its producing a general idea related to sex-linked traits and gender roles.(Browne, 1998 cited by Harker ,Harker ,2002) Females and males have a boundaries from each other character as females cant have males attitude and as males cant have females behavior. This is happen because as what Harker state ,the need to pull attention is greater than offending humankind.( 2002)

Sexism between females and males.

But in analyzing how insulting sexism is,let take a look how males and females accepting sexism. There is argument between males and females about the use of sexism ( LaTour and Henthome,1994 cited by Wolin,2003) female are the one find the sexism is more insulting than men. (Ford ,LaTour and Lundstrom ,1991 ; Jones ,Stanaland and Gelb ,1998 ; Landstrom and Scimpaglia,1977 ; Ressi and Ressi ,1985 cited by Wolin ,2003) Sure the thought is women is being used to satisfy men,which are true .But why there is argument about females accepting nudity as males did but tense come from nudity to males from females.(La Tour ,1999 ;Simpson ,Horton ,and Brown,1996 cited by Wolin 2003) This is also mean that females are pleasure and satisfy by sexism of men. But how sexist is sexist could be measure up.Its depend to people to analyze.

Sexism in Moroccan.

Beside sexism using nudity of males or females,there is objectification method use the same concept ,sensuality but in the less way. Objectification is focus on one body part such as the lips ,the eye or the legs.( Chafai , 2008 )This approach seems acceptable in Britain also Moroccan than tied to conservative way of thinking. (Chafai , 2008) Nudity and kissing is restricted in Moroccan but sexy pose by Western celebrities is accepted as long the model used is not Moroccan model.(Chafai ,2008)

The concepts or gender as females and males also countries as Morrocan,is to clarify how sexism is accepted and sexism is a trick by the advertiser to attract attention. That a good thing about modern audiences,options to ignore the advertisement and have voice raised up about the irrelevant of sexism.Sexism is subjective because its hard to please everyone in the community. But this is good news,gender stereotype rhetorically lesser (Chafai ,2008) but sexual abused is in tense now.

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What is blogging community?

Where a group of people with similar goals or interests connect and exchange information using web tools.

(cited by Owyang 2007)

Community is present when individual and collective identity begins to be expressed; when we care about who said what, not just the what; when relationship is part of the dynamic and links are no longer the only currency of exchange.

(Packwood 2005 cited by White,2006)

How to create a blogging community?

The step cited at

  • Good blog with interesting entries it comes with observation or experiences.
  • As first step in common communication,we need to introduce ourselves to people to attention as commenting.
  • For wider connection,register the blog to directories.
  • Post more topic  blogs.
  • Makes your blogs appealing by modern and simple title or colorful picture as the salience.
  • Promote your blog.One of the example is tumblr.The blogger have the opportunities to obtain best tumblr by their readers promote it to the admin of the tumblr itself.The best blog will appear in the first page of directories which the blog present and label as “awesome”.


    Global voices.

    This is a community around the world that presenting the citizen by the voice that unheard in mainstream media..The bloggers could upload video,photos and the user could comment,expand and share the story.The user itself act the media and global voices is the platform for the media to pass around differently what we see everyday.Educate the audience for the better manner to express themselves.(globalvoices)


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    The categorization.

    From my previous post, I have listed the popular classification for blog but in the new era,new classification could created.In the edublogger,education is the prime issues but the subject divided by the education level,primary,secondary,home school and college.Each of this level,present different type of topic.Categorization is started by the interest of a person.Let’s take some of existing type other than Margaret have state.

    1. Personal blog
    • instruction
    • informative
    • reviews
    • interview
    • case study
    • linking post
    • problem sharing
    • debating,opinion
    • inspiration
    • research
    • prediction,review
    1. Corporate blogs
    • photography,media
    • educational
    • technology
    • press and journalism
    • social and community
    • political


    Classification of blogs according Margaret.

    • Pamphlectering
    • Digest
    • Advocacy
    • The popular mechanism
    • Exhibition
    • Gatewatchers
    • The diary
    • News Blog
    • Advertisement


    Most of the classification is basically have the same value.Margaret approach more to general classification and classified into one term but sub term is most of the same similar with Margaret description.As example pamphlectering blog is about one or more author discussing the current issues locally or globally,its also call political blog  which is the same sub- term for classify.How to do blog is the suggestion name state by Margaret for the popular mechanism blog which function as gibing information in creating object with mechanism and how its work.The term under personal blog,instruction and informative could relate to popular mechanism blog as well.In the end,there are actually many type of blog will be created in the future as people have the tendency to interested in more than one thing in a moment.



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