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Facebook, Twitter Vs Blog.

Posted on: November 11, 2010

Various type of social networking. Which one to trust?


Online media in general
The similarity which this blogging is the user control the content. But how much the flexibility of the content could be control. As well we know,there is so many fakers in social network and this is related to the credibility of the content itself.The credibility of the content could be analyze in various way.

Credibility in general
Credibility is being study by the presented of the message.(Metzger et al,2003 cited by Kang,2010)Beside understanding the message, consumer behavior show that,the user will find the media is more credible when the user only use it as primary source.( Flanagin and Metzger , 2002 ; Johnson and Kaye ,1998 ; Kiousis ,2001 cited by Kang,2010) Credibility also study in trustworthiness and expertise.(Kang,2010) Credibility also measured by the level of interactivity between the user and the organization. ( Lenhart and Fox,2006 cited by Kang,2010) When the text quality is higher,the source of text become credible.

Online media vs Traditional media.
Pew Research Center Survey show in America,1/3 internet user used online media as source only minority use traditional media and 8 out of 10 America in age of 17 and older agree internet is important to find knowledge.(Forbes,2010)This enough to show how public rely on social media as Facebook,Twitter and especially blogs. Blog rated as more credible than traditional media. (Banning and Sweetser ,2007 cited by Kang,2010)The reason why blog is more prefer because the character of blog as more independent and give more point of view compared to traditional media. ( Scoble and Israel ,2006 cited by Kang 2010)Traditional media have less transparency and thats make blog more favorable(Kang,2010) also the audience see the credibility of blog by the transparency, passion and the originality of the text.( Kang,2010)When we talk about blogs,passion of the author to write about the issues is crucial for the audiences.There is also behavior of the audiences to choose various kind of information and blog offer more variety than Facebook and Twitter.(Kang,2010)The audiences schema information about certain issues will influence their preferred blogs also the effort of the author to shape the text been consider as the credibility(Kang,2010)The subject study also very important .(Johnson and Kaye ,2009)There is also argument about traditional media author that could lie in their profile. (Kang,2010) But also argument about blog as no fact check about the information given.(Kang,2010)

Facebook vs blog
Twitter function is similar to Facebook,as it series of updated status.But Facebook its more towards friends and family as to people who know in the real life.(Kang,2010) Twitter applying the same concepts but Twitter is so significant until the role is changed toward following celebrities,politician and popular person. Facebook application allowed the user to control and participant with the subject discuss more than the blog.(Kang,2010) Even there is space for commenting and interacting between the reader and the author in the blog but Facebook is more engaging.(Kang,2010)

Kang,2010,Measuring Social Media credibility: a study on measure of blog credibility,Institute for Public Relation.

Forbes,2010,Measuring consumer perceptions od credibility,engagement,interactivity and brand metrics of social network site, Louisiana State University.



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