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Posted on: September 29, 2010

The categorization.

From my previous post, I have listed the popular classification for blog but in the new era,new classification could created.In the edublogger,education is the prime issues but the subject divided by the education level,primary,secondary,home school and college.Each of this level,present different type of topic.Categorization is started by the interest of a person.Let’s take some of existing type other than Margaret have state.

  1. Personal blog
  • instruction
  • informative
  • reviews
  • interview
  • case study
  • linking post
  • problem sharing
  • debating,opinion
  • inspiration
  • research
  • prediction,review
  1. Corporate blogs
  • photography,media
  • educational
  • technology
  • press and journalism
  • social and community
  • political


Classification of blogs according Margaret.

  • Pamphlectering
  • Digest
  • Advocacy
  • The popular mechanism
  • Exhibition
  • Gatewatchers
  • The diary
  • News Blog
  • Advertisement


Most of the classification is basically have the same value.Margaret approach more to general classification and classified into one term but sub term is most of the same similar with Margaret description.As example pamphlectering blog is about one or more author discussing the current issues locally or globally,its also call political blog  which is the same sub- term for classify.How to do blog is the suggestion name state by Margaret for the popular mechanism blog which function as gibing information in creating object with mechanism and how its work.The term under personal blog,instruction and informative could relate to popular mechanism blog as well.In the end,there are actually many type of blog will be created in the future as people have the tendency to interested in more than one thing in a moment.



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