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Landscape the presentation.

Posted on: September 3, 2010

What make a good presentation?

  • Composition also important as how the audiences or the readers will read the slides,it should be the information value understand within the culture.
  • The composition in here is very stiff,using ideal and real theory.
  • The picture readable is only by the presenter explanation.
  • Explanation on the picture should be elaborate including the slide.

  • Russel explain the important of using only the key point for the presentation and as simple as 3bullet per slide.
  • Colors like black and white is work as contrast,and the darker color is advisable to use.(Reep,2006)
  • Each slide of this presentation is simple and neat and using brighter color as pink,help as salience,its help to gain attention.
  • Beside that,the slide should be interesting,including using different shades of color.
  • The simplicity effect is important as the slide is easy to read.(Marquez)

  • He also support the idea to put title in every related slide.
  • Simple and complement the explanation by the presenter with the text and the image.
  • Also,limited number of slide will not make the presentation boring as chart,graphics and photos could attract the audiences attention.
  • Beside that,the power point presentation should be interesting
  • Both,Russel and Marquez agree the layout is important as the information is written to the slide itself and its crucial for the readers to able detect the top priority information.
  • According to Reep,heading is important to help the readers to understand the the document its including sub-heading.(2006)
  • The slide is readable and understandable if only the slide is in sequence.
  • The elements of photo,add the variety(Russel) and not limited the readers knowledge by text only.


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Russel,10 tips for creating successful business presentations-create effective and successful business presentation,3 September 2010,

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