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Posted on: November 10, 2010

Twitter reported several crashed for different events.



Web 2.0 is transform the online media escape.(Forbes,2010) Online social networking focus to build up and portrayed social relationship among peoples who share interest and activities. (Ishak ,2009) Between both of this which one is better? Macro or micro blogging tools? Both are complement to each other. Without blogging,there is no Twitter and without Twitter,blogging still crucial. Twitter is more to updated status with 160 characterized but with blogging,the limit are none.Let’s use the information value by Kress and Leuwen to better understand. Information value suppose to be in one document in modern era,anything is possible.Twitter could act as ideal,act as abstract to share little information about the article. To know more about information,article should be read and this is the role of Blogging.This is call real when the content is fully discovered.Politics now is a form of publicity and as much celebrities get attention as that politicians need attentions. 2008 is a great year when social networking act as one of campaign tools.(Gong) As we know, the government loss the majority in the Parliament to opposition party.(Gong) The close answer why the government loss because opposition start using social networking and government denied the ability of blogging.(Gong) One of the positive impact of social networking on Facebook or Twitter is the raises of opinion leader.(Gong) Social networking is consider a market place now when everyone like to take opportunity to participant in a free publicity. Opinion leader describe someone have a serious interest in anything by searching the information in any form of media and then distribute to other.(Gong)Opinion leaders could be anyone in the raising of knowledge without borders,it could even among friends. Social networking is directed to community online with social relationship and common interest. (Ishak,2009)Another great thing about alternative media is no one could control especially in Malaysia.China, Myanmar,Singapore is a media controlled state in every form of media unlike Malaysia.(Gong) The state controlled the mainstream media by enforcing law to revoke the permits if the content its oppose the permit agreement.(Gong) So,opinion leaders you can talk anything as long its not controversy and offenses. Malaysia consume digital media a lot (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey cited by Ishak,2009) and this is benefit to pilitician should obtain in order to tackle their present and new supporters.Also a good way to introduces themselves back as politician to win back the old supporter.There is also an urge for sociologist to develop their knowledge in this new technology.(Gong) There is argument that politician is not using Twitter in fully because politician only updated the status but not communicated with people who reply it.(Mccroskey,2009) But because the people will have the discussion and presented the message,(Mccroskey,2009)this is another reason the arise of opinion leaders.


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Gong,2009,Internet politics and state media control:candidate weblogs in Malaysia,Standford University.


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