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Posted on: September 29, 2010

What is blogging community?

Where a group of people with similar goals or interests connect and exchange information using web tools.

(cited by Owyang 2007)

Community is present when individual and collective identity begins to be expressed; when we care about who said what, not just the what; when relationship is part of the dynamic and links are no longer the only currency of exchange.

(Packwood 2005 cited by White,2006)

How to create a blogging community?

The step cited at

  • Good blog with interesting entries it comes with observation or experiences.
  • As first step in common communication,we need to introduce ourselves to people to attention as commenting.
  • For wider connection,register the blog to directories.
  • Post more topic  blogs.
  • Makes your blogs appealing by modern and simple title or colorful picture as the salience.
  • Promote your blog.One of the example is tumblr.The blogger have the opportunities to obtain best tumblr by their readers promote it to the admin of the tumblr itself.The best blog will appear in the first page of directories which the blog present and label as “awesome”.


    Global voices.

    This is a community around the world that presenting the citizen by the voice that unheard in mainstream media..The bloggers could upload video,photos and the user could comment,expand and share the story.The user itself act the media and global voices is the platform for the media to pass around differently what we see everyday.Educate the audience for the better manner to express themselves.(globalvoices)


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