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  • Print is presented the old media : newspaper,magazine
  • Digital is presented the new media: Ipad, YouTube,Facebook

The common knowledge that everyone know is old media is using the tons of paper and fuel.This is negative impact to our environment.Even it’s absolutely right that,media is powerful,but by being a popular forms of media, environment issues should be ignore?Where there a lot of natural disaster,what the media will do beside announcing it to their newspaper or magazine? Endism theory(Naughton,2006) is not exist because audiences still research on professional sources,but audiences needs variety as something closer to their lifestyle.

The ‘hot’ trend.

What does Ipad from Apple company benefit us?Its expensive and famous with application including games.Its does benefit us to the customer who support technologies and to modern customer that support the idea that technologies make their life easier.The most interesting about Ipad is the old form of media now is inside the new form of media.The Ipad offer application for newspaper and magazine.(Alvares,2010)The application its much cheaper than the customer by per issues or month.(Alvares,2010)

YouTube as a new propaganda.

Propaganda could be positive and negative,and i’m not in any side.Propaganda suppose to influence the viewer as political agenda to makes temporary attention from the supporter.( new United of State president, Barrack Obama used YouTube as his political platforms is a sign of positive act.YouTube major user is teenager and its show Obama try to win the supporter opinion by various of channel not only by conservative platform as broadcast in prime television and radio,campaign or forum.Beside the political platforms, YouTube is a freedom media platforms.Media now is not totally control by the powerful person with special interest or being hegemonized.(Libertarian,2007)The audiences gain more power to judge itself the level of purity of the issues without being mind-set control by what the media with special interest try to influence.In simple way,there no censorship as the audiences have the opportunities to watch real life situation or the true color about the personality,political leaders,celebrities not only what the media or advertisement present to the audiences. YouTube become the supplementary information for the audiences to have better knowledge more than mainstream media could offer.


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What is blogosphere?

According to Bhawani,blogosphere is to describe the number of blogs in the internet.(2008)


What is the size of blogosphere?

According to Sunday Times in February 2009,the blogosphere number is 200 million.(,2008)

The trends in Europe and Asia.

Europe is less popular with blogosphere phenomena but the latest movement shows that European citizens now blogging about public affairs and corpare communication especially from the politic leaders.(,2008)In Asia,blogging is consider to build up and maintain social reputation,also as express their personality.Blogs writen by the family and friend is most acceptable in Asia.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)India has a huge awareness about business blog.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)

Malaysia’s blogosphere.

There are various type of blogs including fashion,music,sports,techonolgy,travel and other but political blogs in Malaysia is most accepted compare to other countries in Asia.(Window live spaces cited by prnewswire)Malaysia blogosphere have change by time,the population not only focus in Facebook but aware about the current issues surrounding and act as active audiences.Even,not most of Malaysian have this positive attitude but we taking baby steps.

Media as the fourth estate.

The control set by politic party in mainstream media could lead to hidden agenda.Media as powerful and reliable sources should be independent.Media is acting as the watch dog for various thing including the governtment strategies.Media represent the citizen as their compiling the citizen opinion.The new media especially blogging is influential to Malaysia citizen as Marina Mahathir  and Tengku Petra blog,that break the conservative mind-set of people.

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What make a good presentation?

  • Composition also important as how the audiences or the readers will read the slides,it should be the information value understand within the culture.
  • The composition in here is very stiff,using ideal and real theory.
  • The picture readable is only by the presenter explanation.
  • Explanation on the picture should be elaborate including the slide.

  • Russel explain the important of using only the key point for the presentation and as simple as 3bullet per slide.
  • Colors like black and white is work as contrast,and the darker color is advisable to use.(Reep,2006)
  • Each slide of this presentation is simple and neat and using brighter color as pink,help as salience,its help to gain attention.
  • Beside that,the slide should be interesting,including using different shades of color.
  • The simplicity effect is important as the slide is easy to read.(Marquez)

  • He also support the idea to put title in every related slide.
  • Simple and complement the explanation by the presenter with the text and the image.
  • Also,limited number of slide will not make the presentation boring as chart,graphics and photos could attract the audiences attention.
  • Beside that,the power point presentation should be interesting
  • Both,Russel and Marquez agree the layout is important as the information is written to the slide itself and its crucial for the readers to able detect the top priority information.
  • According to Reep,heading is important to help the readers to understand the the document its including sub-heading.(2006)
  • The slide is readable and understandable if only the slide is in sequence.
  • The elements of photo,add the variety(Russel) and not limited the readers knowledge by text only.


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Le entree is in French and means stater.My purpose is to educate the audiences about the new media trend and issues and the advantage and disadvantages also the opinion uniquely around the world.My audiences is the Issues Publication Document student not only in Malaysia but globally.The blog will discuss in depth the media issues inclusive.



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